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One of the many mementos on the Williamsburg Bridge
One of the many mementos on the Williamsburg Bridge

B’day Outing to Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The route we walked

The route we walked

My birthday fell on a Friday this year.  Hubby and I took the day off and decided to celebrate it in a way reminiscent of the days before we had our daughter.  It was a cold and gray day, but I was determined to make the most of it.

We started the day as usual by dropping off our daughter at her daycare and then boarding the train into the city.  By 10 AM we were at city hall.  We stopped at Blue Spoon Coffee for a cortado and bagel and then walked towards Brooklyn Bridge.

Despite living in the NY metro area, we have never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge before.  The weather and the time of the year, kept the usual hordes of tourists away and we had the bridge to ourselves.  After entering Brooklyn, we walked in the direction of Williamsburg.  Thanks to GPS on our smartphones and a few helpful locals we found our way into Williamsburg . It was interesting to see how the landscape changed from seedy to Orthodox Jewish to hipsterville.

Once in Williamsburg, we walked up and down the main drag before heading to Mast Brothers chocolate.  Hubby bought me a half-dozen chocolate bars as my b’day present and we headed back to the main street in search of a place to eat.  We ended up at Potlikker, where we had yummy sandwiches for lunch.

Tummy full, we headed towards the Williamsburg bridge.  It was close to 1:30 at this point.  We walked across the bridge back into Manhattan.  There were even fewer people on this bridge and the views of the city, Brooklyn and the Manhattan & Brooklyn bridges were spectacular!  This is a grittier bridge striped with graffiti and with a subway line running thru the middle of it.  It also seemed like a longer walk than the Brooklyn bridge.  I personally thought this was more interesting than the Brooklyn Bridge!

Once on the other side, we took a cab to Union Square and ended up at City Bakery for hot chocolate.  A friend of mine had taken me there the week before and I had been dreaming of their hot chocolate ever since!  It is definitely the best hot chocolate I have had, almost feels like liquid milk chocolate!

And that was the perfect ending to our perfect day out! After the hot chocolate, we headed back home to pick up our little monster from day care and celebrate my b’day together!

Here are pictures of our walk from City Hall to Williamsburg and back into Manhattan


Places we visited during our walk:

Blue Spoon Cafe

Mast Brothers Chocolate


City Bakery

Other places that were also on my list

Brooklyn Brewery – They offer public tours during the day Monday thru Thursday

Blue Bottle Coffee – The New York outpost of the famous San Fran coffee

Diner – Farm to table etc. etc. etc.

Robertas Pizza – Supposedly best pizza in Brooklyn


  1. Nice job! I liked the picture of the hot chocolate! Maybe we can plan a trip to Brooklyn together for a cup of coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee.

  2. congratulations on starting the blog. Nice long walk in the winter. Appreciate your determination. Keep it up. Daddy

  3. I didn’t realize the facebook would call me Anonymous. Anyway now I have added my name. Hope it appears now.